Nine to five bump and grind got you down? Maybe it’s time for a staycation! We are more than half way through 2016 and if you are like me, long hours and little downtime got you feeling jaded.


Dreaming of a tropical escape, I realised it doesn’t feel like winter here on the Gold Coast. Which lead to the question, why holiday away? With calm seas, beautiful crisp mornings and not a cloud in the sky, the GC is hard to beat at this time of year… I just needed some time without distraction, to enjoy it, so I booked a weekend at the Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise #CPEndlessSummer.

Finally, time to switch off the phone and switch up my surrounds. My only priority being, the Four Winds Revolving Restaurant, renounced for 360 degree views, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Staycation relaxation tips: 

  1. Sink into a hot bath and add a few drops of aromatic oils.
  2. Exercise. Although you’re having a break, for a natural body & mind high get that heart pumping.
  3. Vege out and enjoy a movie – without your phone!
  4. Meditate. Yes, that voice in your head can be a friend. Sort through your thoughts, stocktake your life and clear the mind.
  5. Only wear comfortable clothes – no heels, ties or belts allowed!
  6. Romance. Well, you know why.
  7. Read, but not on a laptop or phone screen. We spend enough time glued to bright lights. Now is your time to grab a book, mag or paper. I like learning and often read self help books.
  8. Break the routine and try something new. Flavours, foods and wine!

One morning whilst admiring the 180 degree ocean views from my king bed, I noticed a pod of whales migrating North!


Hello food baby… Just about every meal you can think of you’ll find at the 4 Winds Revolving Restaurant:


P1100106 2


Go on, I’m sure you’ll love your staycation as much as I did!


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