You’re not going to believe it… Last week I flew for the first time, or fell, but it felt like flying! Imagine an eagle floating effortlessly in an updraft, defying gravity as he circles the earth… That was me! But without the wings, far less graceful and with a fully grown man strapped to my back. FINALLY, I can tick “Skydiving” off my bucket list.


It’s a strange feeling, freefalling with nothing but clouds between you and the earth. Without an escape button, safety blanket or anything to hold on to you feel pretty vulnerable. It was so surreal, watching people get sucked out of the (perfectly good) plane one by one. Finally it was my turn to shuffle toward the door and dive into life headfirst. I hoped for the best… AND The rest is history – you HAVE to try it for yourself!


Christmas came early for me this year and thanks to you can give your loved ones the same rush!.. Adrenalin gift vouchers are not only impossible to guess when wrapped, they are undoubtedly better than another pair of underwear or a bath bomb – sorry mum! Choose from V8 Racing, Jet boating, Sydney Bridge Climbing, Hot Air Ballooning, Abseiling, Scuba Diving and Skydiving… #LetsLiveLarge visit and #GiveAdrenalin!


Pictured: Portia Large & best friend Sjana Elise Earp post Sydney Skydive

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