Firstly, thank you for visiting my website! I thought I’d add an ‘about me’ section for those who are curious to learn more about my story, so here goes.


My name is Portia Large, an Aries born in Sydney in 1994. My parents are of Danish-English descent; and moved from the city to remote Airlie Beach, Australia. With a dream to raise my sister Bianca, and I, on the water; together we explored 74 tropical islands scattered along the Whitsunday coastline. Surrounded by wilderness and the magic of nature, we grew toward the sun.

Most of our younger years were spent diving, hiking and sailing – living simply and free. Salty and sun kissed, our long days came to a close above deck, beneath the stars. I was captivated by the comfort of the cosmos. It was these experiences, that shaped the woman I’ve become. Here we fell in love with some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders and wildlife. Here, we saw first-hand how careless humans can be while enjoying ourselves.


In hope to protect our precious ecosystems and increase wildlife conservation amongst young people, we founded the Eco Kids Group in 2004. Championed by the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority, our most successful campaign was titled “Keep your butts off our reef”, a message for boaties who carelessly flick cigarette butts. The controversial title attracted the attention of Channel 7’s Sunrise TV and for the first time I spoke live on national television – I’ve never been so terrified. To unite and recognise other young community leaders, we hosted the Y.E.A (Youth Environment Awards) annually. And we knew our messages were being heard when we were honoured with the Channel Ten Environmental and Queensland Young Volunteer Awards in 2008.


For my community service and motivational speaking to date, I received the Order of Australia honour. Human nature and interaction has always piqued my curiosity in knowing that every person has a story to tell. Learning about different civilizations across history, specifically Native Australians and Indigenous culture, exposed the need to help our own people.

In the past, I had been a part of the annual 40-hour-famine in a plight to fight poverty in Africa. The charity also collects canned food, toys and necessities to be donated, which gave me an idea to give back locally. Bianca and I, founded our own organisation to collect educational resources and presents in the lead up to Christmas. With the support of the Zonta Women’s Group, these gifts reached Aboriginal Foster Children across North East Queensland. We extended this concept to cheer up unwell children visiting Gold Coast Hospital, a project called ‘Read and Recover’.


At school, I was quite a confident, loud, sporty girl. True to my star sign, I was fiercely competitive, not so much with others, but always myself. Our junior motto was “my best always”, a slogan that has somehow firmly stuck in my mind. A school vice-captain, athletics age champion, college prefect and university scholar, I continued to do my best always throughout my education. In my final years, before graduating high school, we were always asked “what do you want to do when you finish school”, for me this was hard to answer. I had so many different interests… part of me wanted to become an actress, part motivational speaker, part activist, and another part secretly wanted to be an artist. People told me that art was a dead-end job, that it will get me nowhere, that there was no money in creation. And after pursuing the most ‘prosperous’ path, a Bachelor of Business and Marketing, I’ve discovered art is all around us. That you can infuse your work, your craft with creativity.


Now, I run my own small media agency, working on multiple projects, in multiple fields… I’ve become a writer, speaker and ambassador for peace, equality and wellness. I work with intention and continue to study to empower myself. Each project is completed with the love and magic I came to know through nature and the universe. My philanthropy and message of women’s empowerment are a connecting threads through all of my endeavours. My mission is to empower and inspire others to live as their best selves, letting go of fear and breaking down boundaries of societal expectations and constraints. To get out there and live life large.


2018 will be the year I publish my first book, Screenagers, a guide to navigate the age we live in. There’s something about the frantic pace we keep, the disconnected communities in which we live and excessive time spent with screens that keeps us from being as happy and healthy as we can be. Now more than ever, it is essential to disconnect from technology to reconnect with humanity, nature and ourselves.

My favourite way to find balance is “earthing”. Also known as “barefoot healing”, the practice involves removing your shoes and reconnecting with the earth’s surface. Buildings, carpet and shoes, are just some of the culprits preventing us from physical grounding, optimum sleep and wellness. After hours slouched over a desk, walking on the beach barefoot is heavenly and so essential to my sanity!




Following the journey of Australian Cricketer, Matthew Hayden and his family as they experience the Northern Territory, the crew spent two weeks traveling to shoot locations from Alice Springs to Darwin. Role inc, Executing a continuous shooting schedule; Content included talent interviews; tours and attractions; with a focus on converting dreamers to planners and bookers.


This project involved weeks of travel, working with talent in regional radio stations Australia wide. Production Manager responsibilities: National Market Liaison, Travel Booking and Coordinator Talent and script delivery support.


Creating outstanding and innovative short and long form commercial content. Liaise with clients and producers throughout all stages of commercial production. Producing client driven content for Southern Cross Austereo clients, concept writing and presentation of scripts.


Working alongside Jason Matthews to produce the Rush Hour. “The Rush Hour” featured a mix of daily guest hosts including local sporting, news and entertainment identities plus Gold FM’s Breakfast hosts Richard, Bridge and Spida 3-5pm weekdays.


LMPR Group is a marketing and public relations group, specialising in project marketing, public relations, and video production. We stop at nothing to ensure we exceed your expectations, on time, every time. With a diverse and dynamic team of creatives, LMPR Group can deliver a range of unique and specialised services.



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  • Action Double for Hollywood A-List Actress Blake Lively.
  • Pictured: Jungle, Paul Hogan Show, Australia Day, At Last, Aquaman.


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  • Miss Universe Australia
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“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”
– Serbian Proverbs

I like the sound of my reading, what’s in the stars for you? I’m an Aries. Aries personalities are independent. Being the first of the zodiac signs, they venture out and are go-getters, often leading the way. Their upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others to follow their lead because Aries personalities bring excitement into others lives. I hope to bring excitement into your life and thank you for taking the time to connect with my story.


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