Okay, this is just my personal opinion. But I’ve experimented with quite a few group fitness classes, and never found one had the raw energy that indoor cycling has.

8. How much you give is up to you…

The instructor guides you but its your ride. You control your bike so no matter what you can set the pace that works for your body, age and mood.​

7. It’s weatherproof

You can count on this one for your workout schedule year round. Hot or cold – no excuses anymore. ​

6. Badass beats

When you lose yourself to the music time flys. If you love R&B Fridays and throwbacks as much as me you won’t be disappointed.

5. The variety

There’s a variety of routines that you’ll grow to love – jumps, sprints, surges, climbs, and more, in three different positions on your bike. Each spin follows an interval program that will challenge you in different ways.

4. It’s low impact

One of the best parts of spin is that it is low impact, meaning you can give yourself an intense workout without placing any stress on your joints.

3. Team spirit

When you try spinning on its own, you can feel like you’re missing something. That’s because you are. Each spin is tackled as a tribe, so you know you’re not busting your butt alone. Sure, you might feel like you’re dying halfway through, but once it’s over the euphoria that follows makes it worth it.

2. It’s only one hour of your day

Each class is usually a 45 minute high-intensity workout, with a warm-up before and cool-down after. One second you will be wondering how much time is left on the insane mountain climb and next it will be cool down!​

1. Calorie burner

I left this for last. Spin has the potential to burn over 600 calories in a 45-minute session, need I say more? The combination of cardio and strength in each class, depending on how steep your “hill” is. Not to mention, keeping your core tight and body positioned just right will increase leg definition. But trust me, with all of the above, burning calories will be the last reason you show up week in week out. It’s just the icing on the cake.



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