The compelling urge of mankind to explore and discover has led him to go where no man has gone before. Whether it was the early pioneers exploring new territory, burning new trails, mapping new continents, surviving harsh wilderness or Kay Cottee circumnavigating the globe, it would seem mankind feels compelled against all odds to conquer new frontiers – on land, in the oceans and of course in what has been termed the final frontier – space. Few of us will explore outer space, but you can become a diver, feel weightless and explore over 70% of the planet underwater.


Last month, I completed my Open Water Dive course with Gold Coast Divers and now I’ve a skill which will allow me to dive world-wide.

How can join the diving community? 

Join the Lets Live Large #SCUBASQUAD! For 25% off, call my friends at Gold Coast Divers and use the promo code: “PORTIA”.


What does the course comprise of?

An SSI online course, classroom, pool and open water sessions.



Images by: Clevel Media

How many days is the course? 

3-4 days flexible on your availability. On your final day you’ll get to experience the incredible Cook Island marine life. This place has an abundance of turtles and vibrant fish.



The best part for me personally? 


I am still shocked at how comfortable and confident I was by course close! The most incredible part for me personally, was the speed at which I gained life skills…


The sea, once it casts its spell, it holds one in its net of wonder forever


I can’t recommend this course enough at Gold Coast Divers… what a team, what a time!!!

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