I love design, and fabrics, and lots of things about clothes. But I’m not so sure about Fashion. Partly because it seems to be run by people who lie about what size their garments are (and why they’re hemmed with fishing line that unravels). And partly because some of the designers, magazine writers and models can be so crazy-ape bonkers from hunger and boredom that if you asked them for a piece of steamed hat elastic they’d think it was an entree, and if you passed them a pineapple they’d put it on their head and shriek, ‘Divine!’ Last month I had the best time being a part of the Gold Coast Bulletin‘s 50 Best Dressed, which to me, was an opportunity for self-expression.

Gold Coast Bulletin, Porsche Centre Gold Coast, Oscar Oscar Salons, Clifford’s Grill & Lounge, Robina Town Centre. #GC50BD


Gold Coast Bulletin 50 Best Dressed Interview by Sally Coates

Tell us about your daywear wear outfit, and why you’ve put it together?

When I don’t feel like wearing dresses or skirts, and shorts seem too casual, my go-to is wide leg trousers! These Megan Park pants are powerful, breezy and comfortable. Whilst they accentuate the waist, the scarf adds a feminine touch. Wear it with high heels, sneakers or sandals, depending on your mood and the occasion.

Tell us about your evening wear outfit, and why you’ve put it together?

Gold Coast Bulletin 50 Best Dressed Evening Wear - Manning Cartell

This striking matrix piece by Manning Cartell stands out amongst my wardrobe staples. Here I’ve offset the beautiful black and white chaos, with an edgy choker and neutral jacket. With a pop of red lippy and minimal effort, I am good to go!

How would you describe your style?  

Uncomplicated-chic. Equipped with the right wardrobe essentials, I am always ready to fuse everyday basics and recreate polished ‘off-duty’ looks.

What is it you love about fashion?

I love that fashion fosters creativity and that you can communicate, without a word. Fashion makes me feel good, and when I feel my best I am unstoppable.


What is it about the way you dress that makes you an individual?

Accessories always anchor my look. I am forever on a mission to find unique statement pieces which reflect my personality!

Tell us something interesting about your wardrobe?  

Staples account for at least 60% of my wardrobe – which I mix and match; the remaining 40% are statement pieces. For wardrobe longevity, staples should be high in quality, versatile and well fitted.


What do you think about the fashion/style on the Gold Coast?

The beach lifestyle is reflected in our fashion and as our shopping malls grow, so too does our desire to style it up!

Favourite label or designer?

I go out of my way to support luxury Australian labels like Manning Cartell and Megan Park. For shoes? Wittner Shoes.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Pinterest is a great source of fashion inspiration. Pinning is highly addictive and now you can shop the styles you collate thanks to the buyable pins feature.

Your favourite item of clothing?

The clothing you don’t get to see!

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