The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic symbols of American culture.

Around the world, millions of people consume the brand the sign represents.

The sign’s aspirational message: This is a place where magic is possible, where dreams can come true. 

Travellers hike to the Hollywood sign, to say they have been there, that they have experienced the magic.

I’d like to see the same on the Gold Coast, a place where magic is possible and dreams do come true too.

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As a Gold Coast business owner and founder of LMPR Group, I represent a diverse client portfolio;

all of which share Mayor Tom Tate’s vision of growth and economic opportunity within the region –

for the Gold Coast to be recognised internationally.


While exploring new ways to celebrate and showcase our stunning city, more iconic signage and clever social media campaigns came to mind. By making it easier for our guests and locals to identify the Gold Coast in content created, we give power to the people to expose our city!


I respect Mayor Tom Tate’s response to the Gold Coast signage proposal, and agree the Surfers Paradise sign already achieves wonderful exposure for the city.

But could we go bigger to represent our entire city, not only Surfers Paradise?


(Image via @TravellersChoice)

Snapping the Gold Coast sign from various view points would become a bucket list experience in itself.

An iconic landmark could be the missing link to connecting and developing the Southern Gold Coast is important and an iconic landmark could do just that.

Proposed locations for an ocean side “GOLD COAST” sign:

  1. Lions Head Park Headland, Miami Gold Coast
  2. Don Mcsween Park or Mc Schamburg Park, Miami Gold Coast best viewed from Hedge Avenue, Mermaid Beach.
  3. Wallace Nicoll Park, Currumbin Gold Coast

Business owners and city leaders, I encourage you to consider the benefits.

Proposed Benefits:

  • Connecting and developing Southern Gold Coast
  • Boosting surrounding business traffic and property values
  • Creating a larger digital footprint for the Gold Coast

If I have upset anyone by sharing my thoughts I apologise and welcome your opinion.

 Who am I and why do I care?

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Special mention to Sally Coates from the Gold Coast Bulletin for sharing the story.