September 2016



Gold Coast Bulletin 50 Best Dressed Evening Wear – Manning Cartell

When you look good you feel good. Am I right? At Pacific Fair’s Vogue stylist luncheon, Queensland’s top stylists and fashion it-girls shared styling tips, the general consensus being, find a style that works for you and own that style.


How I feel good in my own skin:

  • embrace the body YOU are in;
  • look and feel fabulous everyday – without breaking the bank;
  • create YOUR most flattering silhouette;
  • ditch the overwhelm;
  • shop less – wear more; and
  • dress for the life YOU want….

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How to dress for your body type:

1. HOUR GLASS body shape: Big Bust x Small Waist x Short Waist x Generous Hips & Thighs

Dress: Wrap, empire line or classic 1950’s style dresses.

Skirts: Straight pencil skirts, A-line & fluted styles.

Shirts: Scoop or V-neck; empire line & wrap style.

Jackets: Tailored, single breasted jacket which cinches waist; hip length.

Pants: Straight leg or bootcut in a darker colour; mid-rise.

Dress: Wrap, empire line or classic 1950’s style dresses.x Double breasted jackets.

x Tops with frills & ruffles

x Turtleneck & polo neck tops

x Wide Belts

x Ankle straps & ankle boots

x Chunky knits

2. PEAR body shape: Small Bust x Long Waist x Saddlebags x Heavy Legs

Dress: Strappless, maxi, halter neck or classic 1950s style dresses.

Skirts: A-line, maxi or fluted style; knee or ankle lenth.

Shirts: Wide, slashed or cowl necklines; embellished; bright colours; puffed & ruched sleeves; horizontal stripes.

Jackets: Tailored, hip length jackets with shoulder pads or lapels.

Pants: Dark coloured bootcut or wide legged pants & jeans.

Tapered trousers

Skinny Jeans

Short, pencil or tapered skirts

x Ankle straps, kitten heals & thin healed stilettos

Pants with side pockets

Light coloured pants & faded denim

Pants with embellished detail & pleats

3. RECTABLE body shape: Shoulders & Hips Same Width x Average Tummy x No Waist x Flat Bottom

Dress: Empire line or wrap style dresses.

Skirts: A-line, tulip or fluted styles.

Shirts: Wrap or cross over style; empire scoop or V-neckline; 3/4 sleeves.

Jackets: Tailored, single breasted jackets that cinch or tie at the waist.  

Pants: Bootcut or flared pants or jeans; mid-rise. 

Shapeless garments

Boxy jackets

Double breasted coats & jackets

Straight dresses

4. APPLE body shape: Average Bust x Large Waist x Tummy Bigger Than Bust x Good Legs

Dress: Empire line which cinches under bust and slims tummy.

Skirts: Side fastening & flat fronted; pleats start below belly.

Shirts: Scoop, empire or V-neckline tops that cinch under bust & slim tummy; patterns or darker colours.

Jackets: A tailored single-breasted jacket worn open.

Pants: Wide or straight legged pants; side fastening and flat fronted.

Shapeless garments

Tight clingy t-shirts

Light coloured tops & peasant blouses

Pleated waists

Large prints

Puffa jackets & chunky knits

High necklines

5. PEAR body shape: Broad Shoulders x Large Bust x Slight Waist x Slim Thighs & Hips

Dress: Wrap style, cross over & empire line dresses; scoop, V-neck or sweetheart neck lines.

Skirts: A-line, tulip or fluted styles.

Shirts: Wrap or cross over style; scoop & V-neckline; peplum; darker colours.

Jackets: Tailored, single breasted jackets that cinch the waist.

Pants: Mid-rise straight or bootleg pants & jeans.

Double breasted coats & jackets

Shoulder pads

x Slashed necklines

Straight dresses

Chunky knits

Horizontal lines on top

Oversized collars & lapels

Tapered skirts


Portia Large interviewed by Sally Coates for Gold Coast Bulletin 50 Best Dressed





































Tell us about your evening wear outfit, and why you’ve put it together?

This striking matrix piece by Manning Cartell stands out amongst my wardrobe staples. Here I’ve offset the beautiful black and white, with an edgy choker and neutral jacket. With a pop of red lippy and minimal effort, I am good to go!

How would you describe your style?  

Uncomplicated. Equipped with the right wardrobe essentials, I am always ready to fuse everyday basics and recreate polished off-duty looks.

What is it you love about fashion?

I love that fashion fosters creativity and that you can communicate, without a word. When I dress well & feel well, I am unstoppable.

Tell us something interesting about your wardrobe?  

Staples account for at least 60% of my wardrobe – which I mix and match; the remaining 40% are statement pieces. For wardrobe longevity, staples should be high in quality, versatile and well fitted.

What do you think about the fashion/style on the Gold Coast?

The beach lifestyle is reflected in our fashion and as our shopping malls grow, so too does our desire to style it up!

Favourite label or designer?

I go out of my way to support luxury Australian labels like Manning Cartell and Megan Park. For shoes? Wittner Shoes.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Pinterest is a great source for outfit inspo. Pinning is highly addictive and now you can shop the styles you collate thanks to the buyable pins feature.

Your favourite item of clothing?

The clothing you don’t get to see!


Time to spring into spring, shed the winter layers and get outdoors! To kick-start my spring shedding I did two things. Firstly, I cleared the pantry of comfort foods and wardrobe of old items – felt so good! And secondly, with a few critical questions in mind, I attended the Australian Health and Wellness Summit:

  1. Why did I chose to be here today? 
  2. What do I want to get out of today? 
  3. Where do I want to be in 1 month / 3 months / 6 months? 

These questions you should ask yourself everyday.

As you probably know, Let’s Live Large was founded to inspire optimum living; to encourage readers to be the best version of themselves and dream big. With this in mind, I constantly seek to learn and share.


Gone are the days of visiting libraries for information alone. With infinite information at fingertips, thanks to the internet and smart phones, is there really an excuse to be uneducated when it comes to what we put in and on our bodies?

People laugh when I say my “body is my temple”, but why not be the best you can be?

Listed below are some of the AHWS speakers, their profession and talk focus:

  1. Dr. Helena Popovic ~ Physician – Boost Your Brain
  2. Lee Holmes ~ Nutritionist and Author – Gut Health
  3. Andrew Chadwick ~ Trainer – Play & Thrive
  4. Georgia Harding ~ Naturopath – Keeping It Real
  5. Alexx Stuart ~ Health Researcher – Low Tox Life
  6. David Gillespie ~ Health Journalist – Understanding Sugar


Most people work on building up and boosting their financial assets. But how many people work on building and boosting their greatest asset: Their brain?

Dr. Helena Popovic brings the latest discoveries in brain science to weight management. The best-selling author raised the points below:

  • Education is more powerful than medication
  • Your decisions are more powerful than your DNA
  • Friend-power is stronger than will power
  • Physical exercise builds new brain cells
  • Thirty minutes of exercise a day will halve your risk of dementia

Which will you action this week?

For a brain to stay healthy and operate at its best we need nutrition, rest, stimulation, challenge and reward.


Nutritionist Lee Holmes believes a healthy, happy gut is the cornerstone to health and well-being.

What you need to know:

  • Research skills to improve gut health – for YOU personally online
  • The gut is directly linked to your brain and immune system
  • Preparation is key

What does food mean to you, and have you considered where your food comes from, how it’s grown, sourced and cared for? We should source natural, organic produce, skin care, wholefoods, vitimins and supplements  where possible.

Here’s a shopping list to get you started: 

And a free weekly planner!


Andrew ‘Chaddy’ Chadwick redefined “exercise” for me! It seems we have forgotten how to PLAY!

Movement = longevity

  • Your goal should be MOVEMENT not EXERCISE
  • Remember the excitement of play and feel how play can change your mood
  • Be mindful of your posture

SHOCKINGLY – in Australia the average distance walked a day is just over 300m!!! We definitely need to lead more active lives, yet gym may not be the answer. Chadwick agreed, the last thing you probably want to do after work is repetitively pump weights etc. Chaddy recommends play, as we did once upon a time, before the iPhone and computers ruled our lives. Play is vital to reaching your health and wellness goals as it can change your mood, posture and bring your attention to the present.


Naturopath, Georgia Harding doesn’t believe in dieting. She hopes to inspire you to take simple steps to streamline your routine.

  • A well stocked pantry – to prepare nourishing meals
  • Shop for the best quality local & in season, whole food ingredients
  • Eliminate guilt
  • Balanced meals = palm of protein, essential fats and lots of veggies
  • Leftovers are the key to being prepared, so always cook more than you need and freeze portions if necessary
  • Buy in bulk
  • ALWAYS eat breakfast and DRINK plenty of water EVERY day


Are you aware of harmful pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified organisms? Health researcher, Alexx Stuart, highlights the common hormone disrupting chemicals throughout personal care and home: BPA, Parabens, BPS, Phthalates and Phenoxyethnol. Please become a label reader and be aware of chemicals in day to day life.

Phthalates: Chemicals you won’t see on the label. These often hide in cheap sticky feeling plastic toys, PVC and in synthetic fragrances. Ask yourself – “Does an APPLE really smell like that candle”. Sun and air are your best friends for reducing chemical load. Regular airing and sunning are helpful in decreasing chemical load – eg. new furniture outside before being placed indoors.


David Gillespie, author of ‘Why Sugar Makes Us Fat’, ‘Big Fat Lies’, ‘Toxic Oil’ and ‘Eat Real Foods’ was once overweight. Now David is a health journalist on a mission to help the next generation avoid “poison”.

  • We are eating a lot less fat now but we are all a lot fatter
  • Sugar assists greatly in the development of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder, infertility, several cancers and liver diseases etc etc etc.
  • Sugar HIJACKS your appetite control so you want to eat more
  • Sugar is ADDICTIVE

The key to getting yourself and your family off sugar is to educate yourself on sugar and what food items it is found in and then create a sugar free environment.

See what you can implement into your life – live large and achieve optimum health and wellness!

Thank you to the team at Australian Health & Wellness Summit for inspiring me, see you next year!


The hot air balloon is the first successful human-carrying flight technology. For this reason, hot air ballooning had always been on my bucket list. One morning in the desert, we piled into the basket and effortlessly ascended from the red earth. There was something so calming about the entire experience. The landing was seamless, we jumped out of the basket and held the sides to weigh down the balloon. Not even packing down the 2,800m3 setup could wipe the smile from my face. Prepare for dad jokes, champagne breakfast, fresh fruit, cheese and baked goods post flight! 1 hour Investment: Adults $390.00 | Children: $318.00






ROAM where the wild ones live.
THE NORTHERN TERRITORY – a place you have to see to believe… #letslivelarge



In preparation for this journey, I took my time in selecting comfortable clothing and footwear created to withstand outback conditions. Field tested and designed specifically for the outdoors, the diverse range of big brands at Wild Earth Australia caught my eye. If you’re backpacking, hiking, travelling or trail running, you’ll appreciate their staff knowledge and enthusiasm in sending you on your way in the best gear possible.


Seriously comfortable waterproof, leather hiking boots by @wildearthaustralia


Our first glimpse of the Uluru Rock was revealed on the winding road to the Sounds of Silence outback dining experience. The icon appeared to change colour as the sunset, from red to pink to purple.



Jacket: @wildearthaustralia – The North Face

Here you can enjoy bubbles and canapes on arrival, followed by a feast of kangaroo, chicken, barra, and baked potatoes. I had a light shiraz, admired the stars and enjoyed indigenous entertainment. Investment: $195.00 p.p





Here you can reach out and touch the heart of Australia. @outback_cycling around the base really puts the size of this icon into perspective. That day blue skies were a bold contrast to the red mountain. Weathered by time, you could see where waterfalls form in the wet season. Bike hire from $45.00 p.p


Wearing: @elementeden hoodie | @runstopshop tights | @stmbags backpack 

Despite rumours, Uluru Rock is in fact free to climb. Rangers do, however, out of respect for indigenous people and for safety reasons, close the World Heritage attraction at every opportunity – wind, weather, temperature. In the past 18 months, 36 climbers fell and we soon discovered why…


School students climbed toward the summit as our tour guide shared stories of horror falls. The lack of fencing and 4-hour journey to the hospital was enough of a deterrent for me. I felt very comfortable cycling around the base!


Internationally acclaimed artist, Bruce Munro, thoughtfully placed over 50,000 solar charged lights at the foot of Uluru Rock to create ‘The Field Of Light’ interactive art installation. You can experience this attraction before March 2017 on camel back, at tea time or sunrise. We choose the latter and braved freezing temperatures for a view almost as impressive as the night sky. By sunrise, I managed to capture both the stars and display, using slow shutter mode. That morning I felt like a real photographer, laying in the tumbleweed and dirt to get the shot! I’d definitely recommend wearing plenty of layers for this one: thermals, a beanie, and gloves – the works! Sunrise tour from $89.00 p.p





It was great to see the rock from another angle and post camel ride you can enjoy complimentary drinks and nibbles in an upbeat environment.


Wearing: @elementeden




Traditional hunting methods are still alive among indigenous Australians. To this day the women of Kakadu hunt and forage for food locally. On my journey, I made friends with a young girl at Warradjan Aboriginal Culture Centre – she had never explored beyond Kakadu and was fascinated with city living. When I asked of her favourite foods, she said she loves snake eggs for breakfast and that they were much better than chicken eggs!

“Wanna snake egg – easy!” she exclaimed. “You gotta find a snake hole”. I asked what to do once I found one, to which she replied: “Put your hand down there and grab it”. Simple as that – bush delicacies are for the brave. I wouldn’t risk it – not for the best scrambled eggs of my life! In this part of the NT, locals enjoy buffalo, crocodile, turtle and snake meat.



After learning the local hunter-gatherer lifestyle, I wanted to test my skills at Top Diji spear throwing. After several attempts to improve my technique, it was apparent I did not excel in javelin class and wouldn’t last long in the wild with only a spear – hello hangry!


Perhaps I’d shine in a more creative outlet – dot painting. Thinking of myself as a bit of a free spirit, I chose to paint one – Mimi Spirits are fairy-like beings of Indigenous tribes. With extremely thin, elongated bodies these spirits are said to have taught Australian Aborigines to hunt, use fire and dance.




With the help of a head torch, we spotted echidnas and bilbies within minutes at the @desertparkalicesprings Nocturnal Tour. The next day we returned to check out the birds of prey show. With a wingspan of almost 3m, I found the desert eagle most impressive. Aside from getting to know all of the awesome Aussie animals, you can sample indigneous bush tucker like passion fruit, beans and tomato raisins. Investment: $32.00 p.p





Fuel up at buffet breaky, the 3.5-hour rim walk will test you with a 500 step vertical warm up! Increase difficulty by carrying a drone box, camera equipment, bulk water and food. Fear not, the view gets better at every bend and you’ll probably welcome the exercise if you’re road tripping. Along the way we stumbled upon the “Garden of Eden” (pictured below). This shady oasis is safe for swimming and a great picnic spot.

P1070431 - Copy

Another world awaits you at the top… Kings Canyon, Australia’s Grand Canyon. Standing on the edge overlooking the canyon, I realised discomfort awakens consciousness. Without the hard times, we become complacent and take our blessings for granted. Life is a gift and I’m determined to travel as far as my legs will carry me, for as long as I am able. Investment: Adults $69.00 pp | Children $35.00 pp



Outfit: @wildearthaustralia ft. The North Face | Backpack: STM Sydney 





@kingscanyonresort was easily my favourite accommodation in the Northern Territory! Here you’ll get mooned between 7 and 9pm… On this occasion I bailed on our Outback BBQ Grill – the bath was just too good! If you can manage to leave the tub view, fluffy slippers and robe, I heard this place has a great vibe. You can book the Deluxe Spa Room from $380.00 p.n which includes buffet breaky for two!