My eyes were dry and sore, a disturbing reminder of my technology addiction and lack of productivity that day. It was the 3rd evening of 2015 and in my holiday leisure I found myself mindlessly scrolling through social media from dawn till dusk.

Restless, fatigued and reluctant to let my phone go, I begrudgingly decided to practice some stillness. After thoughtfully arranging scented candles to complement the view of the city skyline and waterway I began to slowly stretch. Impatient, I decided to fast track to relaxation time and attempt meditation. Shortly after noticing the stars and the flickering of the candle at arm’s length my breathing slowed and almost instantly I felt grounded.

Suddenly it occurred to me that we don’t star gaze anymore… Our ancestors looked to the skies for hope, guidance and inspiration. Now we collectively look to our screens for thinspiration, fitspiration and emotional pornography of other forms. Cave men were once lost in the mesmerising fire flames; a meeting place, source of warmth, cooking facility and lifeline. Like the star and fire gazer, I adore watching and thinking or sometimes not thinking at all. Both the star and fire gazers enjoyed the freedom of stillness before we roamed then scrolled… They practiced the art of stillness often. An opportunity to allow the mind to wander, for the clutter and chaos of our thoughts to clear and to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Three of my favourite things involve stillness. Watching the waves roll in, watching the fire burn and watching the stars. I believe it’s by design that I find so much joy enjoying all three. Man was made to do more than scroll, text and mind machines.